Links and Resources

Useful resources for learning more about medieval Irish literature

The Corpus of Electronic Texts (CELT) from UCC – various texts and translations; often older translations but extremely helpful

Celtic Literature Collectivevarious translations, again generally older translations because of copyright issues; doesn’t give as extensive bibliographic info as CELT.

eDILthe Electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language, useful when you want to look up what a specific word really means

CODECSonline resource for Celtic studies, particularly useful for getting bibliographic information about various texts, alternate titles, and manuscript info

eSenchasresource for studying medieval Irish texts, with manuscript information, eDIL integration, and other background info. Still under development, with only two texts currently available.

ASNC Spoken Wordtext, translation, and audio of some medieval texts

Other blogs / material you might enjoy

The Head of Donn Bópop culture, medieval literature, and that one medieval Irish Star Wars parody

Vox Hiberoniacumacademia and strong opinions, especially about Patrick

Finn LongmanYouTube channel dedicated to medieval Irish literature, primarily retellings with some more general videos

Fun and memes

Incorrect Ulster Cycle things the Ulaid didn’t say, but could have done

Gesta Asnacorum magazine of the Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic department at the University of Cambridge; much silliness within